A cottage in Berry L'Atelier Jacques Coeur

Welcome in charming lodge L'Atelier Jacques Coeur

Upon returning from a walk...
Upon returning from a walk...


Accommodation in Cher, "L'Atelier Jacques Coeur" opened March 1, 2013 and serves as a stopping point for your discovery of the marvelous scenery of Berry, in the center of France.


 This charming lodge, in actuality,a renovated early19th century is situated in Lignières in Berry, near the famous Horse and Donkey Pole.


This area is located in the heart of the region that is rich in history, Chateaus, Abbeys and lovely gardens that inspire long walks, meditation and outdoor activities.


Come and discover the rivers and streams, forests reed beds and groves populated with wild life.


On your walks, you will encounter deer, badgers pheasants and herons in the surrounding glades and hollows.


Before you even raise your gaze, you will see all sorts of migratories birds flying by.

They come to breed near the innumerable streams of Berry.



Welcome at Jacques Coeur 's loundge
Welcome at Jacques Coeur 's loundge

A few steps from the lodge, you will also find the symbol of Lignières  the "Large Black Donkey of Berry". Curious, it might ever come up to you.

 A horseman will perhaps cut in front of you, while passing from path to another.


Even closer "Charolais " and"Limousine"  cattle pass by in the fields,  bfurther along you find sheep ehind the holiday rental in Lignières. Farther you will see sheeps and goats, and goats who give Chavignol, Valençay, Selles sur Cher andother such products their renoned for excellence.